Our name has changed… However we are still all about tea towels

Started in 1976 by James Crooks (Jim), Cheers and Beers sourced a variety of products. Teatowel Fundraising was an idea Jim saw in the UK and set about doing it here in little ol’ New Zealand and it became quite a big thing, with teatowels.co.nz launching.
Not just our name has changed, in 2013 we lost a truly great gentleman in Jim, teatowels.co.nz was purchased by Jim’s longtime Screenprinter. And we now T/A Cotton Supply Co, to better encapsulate all that we print and supply.

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Why Custom Printed Tea towels?

Custom Printed Tea Towels end up in kitchens all over the country.

For some teatowel printing is the end product, we print for artists who product designs and tea towels for sale.

Other companies give teatowels away as promotions, and Clubs and Schools use them to fundraise.

Our High Quality Tea Towels suite all of these purposes well, as the print area is huge at 600mm x 400mm, and the teatowels are 100% Cotton with great absorbency. And designed to be printed and hold your designs detail well.

Why Cotton Supply Co Tea Towels?

We’ve been printing tea towels for over 25 years now, so we’ve learnt a thing or two. And we import our own stock.

Cotton Tea Towels can be fickle, there is a balance to be made between printing well, drying well and being cost effective. We have spent a couple of decades getting to a point where we are happy our tea towels meet all of their requirements.

Our printers are very skilled in waterbased dye printing and we have specialised equipment to print your custom teatowels.

Designed your own tea towel? Contact us today about our custom printing options on our high quality tea towels.

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