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Cotton Supply Co is also the brandname of our range of Aprons.

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You likely know us as

We have a long history of printing tea towels, over 25 years and counting. You can read more of our history at the bottom of this page.

As well as importing and suppling Tea Towels we are a Commercial Screen printing facility, we print and supply everything textile and apparel. We also contract print for numerous agencies. In this line of work we see and print some truly awful stuff – In particular Polyester.

Hence the rebrand, we know polyester (especially under it’s clever marketing names such as Dri Gear, Quick Dry etc) isn’t going anywhere just yet and it does suit some applications. However we don’t like printing it, not only is toxic to produce, and inevitably ends up in landfills, or the ocean – And as we are learning now increasingly in our food, given the option we would avoid it entirely, and that is why it is going to be a footnote for us going forward.

We recommend alternate fabrics, in particular cotton. Organic is best, however any cotton is better than plastic. It prints better, doesn’t bleed colour into prints, and is better for our staff, and the environment.

Through Cotton Supply Co we:

  1. Supply high quality cotton products with an emphasis on Organic Options.
  2. Have switched entirely to recycled cardboard and compostable mailers.
  3. Support suppliers who limit packing.
And we have some really exciting new suppliers and products we will be introducing later this year. Our tea towel printing is 100% waterbased, and we have cut out non essential chemicals.

Cotton Supply Co is the supply arm of Grapgics on Shirts Limited – It also serves as our online store for teatowels and more.

From 50 units to 10,000 units we have New Zealand’s teatowel requirements met locally, we source and stock our own teatowels and can indent larger quantities to client specs.

Established 1976 Graphics on Shirts was originally the trading name of Cheers and Beers Limited which was started by James (Jim) Crooks. In 2013 Cheers and Beers was purchased by it’s long time Screen Printer and began trading as Graphics on Shirts Ltd is New Zealand’s source of Branded Teatowels.

As well as tea towels we supply and print thousands of Aprons and Apparel items a year for agencies and businesses.


• Teatowel Supply and printing
• Apron and Uniform Supply
• In-House Screenprinting and Branding Facilities
• Proofing and advice

At Graphics on Shirts Limited we can brand and supply all of your apparel requirements, however while we have accounts with all major local suppliers such as Biz Collection, AS Colour, Syzmik, BMV, Cloke, James Harvest, Stormtech etc we import and stock our own 100% Cotton Tea Towels for printing.

Waterbased printing


We offer three main methods of branding:

Waterbased Screen Printing

Screen Printed Teatowels are our main product, we utitilise water based inks to ensure a soft and water abosrbant finish, ideally these would be cold water washed to prolong vibrancy. Using this process the ink effectively sits inside of the garment.
The big downside for us is that the ink needs to be mixed per job as it does not keep like plastisol.

We do also print Plastisol onto other products such as Tee shirts and Aprons.


While Waterbased Screenprinting is the
best method for Teatowels. Embroidery is great for Shirts and Aprons and is long lasting and look extremely classy, embroidery is perfect for thinner or smaller logos, as pricing is based on stitch count it is not ideal for large logos or areas. Pricing does scale with quantity, however it is not as economical on long runs as Screenprint can be and small details can be an issue.


Digital transfers have come a long way, and are perfect for short runs where a large number of colours are required or where a large branding area is required, Digitals can prove to be cheaper than Screen Print or Embroidery when small quantities are required. 

Part of the Graphics on Shirts Family –

Cotton Supply Co – New Zealand’s Tea towel Printer

Some of the Brands we supply:


AS Colour, Freeset, Biz Corporates, James Harvest, Stormtech, Icebreaker, Team Sports, Jbs Wear, Gildan, Anvil, BMV, Biz Collection, Cloke, Syzmik, Visitec, Legend Life, Trends Collection, Maxum, The Range.

If you have a particular brand you require please specify this your contact message.

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