Why should you use tea towels in a fundraiser?

A fundraiser, as its name refers to “Fund-raising”, is the process of gathering and seeking money voluntarily by engaging businesses, individuals, governmental agencies, or charitable foundations. Tea towels can be an amazing tool for fundraising. The things which make the tea towel perfect for fundraising are that it is easy to make, it is long-lasting, […]

Great Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Kindergartens in New Zealand

Are you looking for great fundraising ideas for schools in New Zealand? No worries! Our team at Cotton Supply has you covered. Here are some killer options that will help you raise more funds than ever before. Ready? Great Fundraising Ideas for Schools When it comes to fundraising ideas, you don’t want to try risky things. We want to aim […]

Cotton screen printing

Teatowels.co.nz has a long history of cotton screen printing and tea towels, with the massive 25years on the back. It was established in 1976. James (Jim) Crooks started the “Cheers and Beers Limited” which then opted for the trading name of “Graphics on Shirts”. In 2013 the long time Screen Printer of Cheers and Beers […]