Cotton screen printing has a long history of cotton screen printing and tea towels, with the massive 25years on the back. It was established in 1976.

James (Jim) Crooks started the “Cheers and Beers Limited” which then opted for the trading name of “Graphics on Shirts”. In 2013 the long time Screen Printer of Cheers and Beers purchased it and started working with its trading name “Graphics on Shirts Ltd”. It is New Zealand’s source of Teatowels branding.

Cotton Screen Printing: our company and printing moto

We deal with everything textile and apparel. We import Teatowels from a wide range of suppliers so the desired quality is assured and then further supply it where the services are needed. Our cotton screen printing facility is commercial. We also work as a contract printer for many agencies. Our work is up to the mark and topnotch.

We avoid printing the polyester product. As we work as a fundraiser, so we steer clear of printing it because of its toxicity. Hence being knowledgeable of its fatal nature, we do not like printing it though it has been underuse in the market shaded by very clever marketing names like Dri Gear, Quick Dry, etc). It ends up in landfills or dumped in oceans not only widely affecting the wildlife and ocean life but also putting some rare species into the category of endangered species.

Now we are learning increasingly even from our food, given the option we would avoid it entirely, and that is why it is going to be a footnote for us going forward. We prefer organic fabric: in fact, anything alternate to plastic is best, especially cotton. Not only because plastic is toxic but also cotton comes with many benefits when it comes to printing. Cotton prints better do not spread colors into prints, fine in usage, and most importantly, it is beneficial for staff and environment.

Our services and messages

We supply and promote organic fabric, especially high-quality cotton products. We have shifted completely towards recycled cardboard and biodegradable mailers. In this context, we also support suppliers who confine packing to be environmentally friendly.

Due to our environmental saving and serving moto, we are soon going to introduce some cool suppliers and products later this year. Our Teatowels printing is purely water-based and we have eradicated the non-essential chemicals.

The services we provide are

  • Teatowels Supply and printing
  • Apron and Uniform Supply
  • In-House Screen-printing and Branding Facilities
  • Proofing and advice

Graphics and shirts aim to meet your every need by providing your desired brand and meeting your apparel requirements. We have accounts with all the main local suppliers like Biz Collection, AS Colour, Syzmik, BMV, Cloke, James Harvest, Stormtech, etc so we assure the best and 100% cotton Teatowels for printing.

As far as branding is concerned, so we offer three main types of branding.

  • Water-based Screen Printing: Screen printed products are our main trademark.

  • Embroidery: It is beneficial for short areas. It is long-lasting and looks exceptionally classy.

  • Digital: Digital transfer is beneficial where a large color and large branding area is required.

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