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We are still the tea towel guys!

We are a commercial screen printing factory based in Saint Johns, Auckland. we have been printing tea towels, apparel and other textiles for over 25 years.

Why Cotton Supply Co?

We wanted to better convey the full range of what we do, we do specialise in Tea Towels, however we print for dozens of agencies on a wide range of textiles and apparel. From T-Shirts right through to Bags and more, even Including dreaded polyester sport fabrics.

We also wanted to focus in on what we want to print, as above we do mostly anything… However we are passionate about reducing harm in our workplace so prefer natural fibers, so whilst we do polyester printing it is a footnote we hope to move away from. Hence Cotton Supply Co.

What are Cotton Supply Co Ventures?

Ventures is initiative to help celebrate some of the awesome artists and designers we work with. Often times we never even know their names but are often impacted by their work, they toil away for clients and turn out amazing work. They often do not get a chance to produce their own textiles or apparel because of the price of starting out and required minimums. Find out how you can test the waters with no up front cost today.

Ventures are not drop shipping, but they kind of are…

By having a pre-order period it allows you to meet a minimum order, which makes print viable. We waive the setup fee and handle payments, orders and dispatch. We do this while you retain all of your IP. This also functions as a call to action as it is a limited time period in which to order!

Why Custom Tea Towel Printing?

Custom tea towels top our most printed items every year. We bring the towels in ourselves and use waterbased dyes not inks to print them. There size of 520mm x 730mm makes them a perfect canvas for your artwork or brand and as they are easy to fold and mail they make a perfect promotional item as well as a fantastic fundraiser for Schools and Kindergartens. We Love Tea Towels.

Check out our Website and let us know if you have any queries. logo

Cotton Supply Co is part of the Graphics on Shirts family and going forward will be the focus of our company.

From 50 units to 10,000 units we have New Zealand’s tea towel requirements met locally, we source and stock our own cotton tea towels and can indent larger quantities to client specs.

Established 1976 Graphics on Shirts was originally the trading name of Cheers and Beers Limited which was started by James (Jim) Crooks. In 2013 Cheers and Beers was purchased by it’s long time Screen Printer and began trading as Graphics on Shirts Ltd – now trading as Cotton Supply Co.

As well as tea towels we supply and print thousands of Aprons and Apparel items a year for agencies and businesses.

Cotton Supply Co – New Zealand’s Tea towel Printer

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