Covid – Spread your legs updates

Lessons learnt

We are sorely lacking in e-commerce knowledge, this has been a great lesson an we have learnt a lot.

We do single orders, however in all honest the webstore is very slow, a handful of orders a month – 99% or more of our jobs are bulk custom branding, with MOQ of 20+ units to single addresses, and generally much larger orders.

So to say this has been a bit rocky is an understatement.

In this regard we are actually glad that the nominated charity never embraced our offer to do this together – Doing so would have amplified the reach significantly and I don’t know that we could have handled more orders than came in, they are still pick/packing on the floor.

This has been a good exercise in as much as we have learnt a lot, however we would do a lot of things very differently if we did it again. Freight charges were underestimated, and time to pack GREATLY underestimated – A lot of this was due to the number of options made available.

We should have had one item available, and given its a knitting that should have been a tea towel!

We thank you for your continued patience and we are workign hard to get all orders out asap.

A production update – 28th September

Final prints are complete (2x Yellow “Pair” teatowels). 
We’ve had various issues with the freight api, and system with Parcel Port, however 60-70% of orders have left. Packing started on Saturday.


A production update – 19th September

Sales are officially over: Printing will begin as soon as we hit the Factory on Wednesday. Tea Towels first.

Total Orders:
131 x Single Colour Tea Towels
62 x Single Colour T-Shirts
25 x Single Colour Aprons
10 x Single Colour Totes
6 x Single Colour Hoodies

The AS Colour Carrie tote is expensive, I think these would have been more popular if people knew just how nice the actual bag is.

76 x Original Tea Towels
8 x Original Tea Totes
12 x Original Tees (4 were organic)

2 x Tea Towel Pair
This was pulled quickly (too many options!), but not before two of you ordered them, unlike the Original Tea Towel the Yellow one will be Digital Printed – Still great quality and a single colour tea towel will be thrown in as well with these two orders – as this was not an option at the time.

The two colour “Original” options were all pulled once the single colour versions were made available. 



A donation update – Receiver

First things first, this is not a fundraiser – It is not sanctioned or supported by the charity.
This was a fun exercise where we figured we couldn’t justify keeping all of the proceeds. See more below.

Despite the Auckland City Mission not wanting to be involved, and I can see their viewpoint*. We still think they are a deserving charity and their work is important.

We respect their right not to use them in advertising.

Also we are a commercial printing facility such the 300 odd orders we have for these items/sizes etc is going to be enough work for us to sort, fold, and courier – It is outside of the scope of what we generally do (bulk runs, not singles) and given the amount of items and variants is going to be more work than we banked on – In hindsight we should have stuck to a single tea towel option.

As such while we regard this a successful fundraiser, it is actually better for us that it didn’t receive the traffic an official fundraiser would have, though a single tea towel option in hindsight would have been simple enough and as such this is also a great learning experience for us.

*Auckland City Mission have indicated they do not want to sanction or have any involvement in this Fundraising. Their reason is extremely valid: They are recipients of funding, and whilst there is no indication that the Government let alone Hipkins would take this in any way other than a friendly jive (with and not at him), it is in our opinion a missed opportunity – But also protecting their funding and extremely important work that they do and in this regard I can now see that this is an opportunity worth missing..

Who are you donating to?

We are unofficially donating to Auckland City Mission. We have to let everyone know, but it is unofficial and unsupported by the mission at all. See above for their reasoning.

We cannot have this on our social or adverting.

Why even do it?

Initially we all started firing memes around, let’s be honest it is fantastic to have such levity during such a trying time. And then we threw it on a tea towel image…. Come on we do Tea Towels!

And we figured we may as well throw them out for sale.

Why donate?

We do not want to knock other similar products, we’ve seen a few and love the creativity, they’ve all brought a smile to our faces which is something we definitely need now!

However we are commercial screen printers – this is not an exact quote but is a drawn likeness and alludes to a public servants wee misspeak, we could not in good faith accept the proceeds.

In most instances we will cover all of the costs involved and make a little, we are providing free freight and are going to need someone else to help us sort (thanks to making it complicated for ourselves) so how much we make will depend on where things are being freighted to (there is a rural surcharge for RD’s which will go someway to covering the rural surcharge we get). As the recipient received 50% of the tea towel sales, and we are covering the towel cost, printing, handling and freight we will comfortable that we are doing the right thing.

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