Why should you use tea towels in a fundraiser?

A fundraiser, as its name refers to “Fund-raising”, is the process of gathering and seeking money voluntarily by engaging businesses, individuals, governmental agencies, or charitable foundations.

Tea towels can be an amazing tool for fundraising. The things which make the tea towel perfect for fundraising are that it is easy to make, it is long-lasting, it can be a perfect gift for someone, it is easy to mail, and it is a great way to show off your children’s skills and artwork.

The main benefit of tea towel fundraising is you can involve your children in it, too! Here are plenty of options.

Why the tea towels in a fundraiser?

Teatowels as a fundraiser are great value at $5.00 +gst ea for 100 units. Schools charge as much as $20.00 per towel, but even at $15.00 clubs and schools can raise over 100% on even smaller orders. This works great in conjunction with a multi-buy strategy.

Screen-printed tea towels are an exceptional tool for fundraising. Tea towels can be used for many purposes: they can be used, kept, and shown off. They can be utilized to make mini billboards on drying lines. When it comes to bulk production, warehousing, and shipping, tea towels are of great advantage as they are easy and fun to design, lighter in weight, easy to store and ship, and most importantly they are robust.

School Teatowels is an amazing tool for fundraising in a way that it may involve children in the process as well. Portrait Teatowels are admired in schools, infect many schools opted their own designs, and many using sketches of their institutes or road names for fundraising.

Moreover, the cost of making and logistics is low and the selling price is mainly based on spot color printing and is per design. Pricing can be viewed on the front page of Cottonsupply.co.nz.

Discover the services provided by Tea towels.co.nz:

The foremost perk is the effectiveness of the idea. Customized Teatowels as offered by Teatowels.co.nz are 100% cotton, and they come in Natural or White. We print in water-based spot colors, too! Our Pricing is available online and in our info pack, which is also available for download.

Teatowels.co.nz has been printing school fundraising teatowels for over 25 years so we are New Zealand’s tea towel experrts. Shipping is available Nationwide. Rural deliveries can be longer and delays can be expected from November onwards. In addition, it is easy to mail.

The Teatowels fundraising is effective when it comes to involving the kids. It is a beneficial way to show off the kid’s skills and engaging them in productive activity. Teatowels are approx. 730mm x 520mm with a maximum print area of 600mm x 400mm. pi.

Parent’s satisfaction is a primary goal as they are the main target market and our teatowels not only print great they dry great too.

Our tea towels are high quality and cost-effective. We also offer tips from a downloadable guide. To help your School or Club benefit the most from a tea towel fundraiser.

See https://www.cottonsupply.co.nz/ for more details and how we can help in your fundraiser!