Great Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Kindergartens in New Zealand

Are you looking for great fundraising ideas for schools in New Zealand?

No worries! Our team at Cotton Supply has you covered. Here are some great options that will help you raise more funds than ever before. Ready?

Great Fundraising Ideas for Schools

When it comes to fundraising ideas, you don’t want to try risky things. We want to aim for classics that simply work wonders.

With that in mind, here are 7 ideas to raise funds with your school that will have a great impact.

Sausage Sizzle

We know that sausages are in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, so maybe it is time to look at another option. However, there is no denying the appeal and ease of a Sausage Sizzle: they are just pure joy.

If you’d like, consider Vegan Sausages, too. Whatever you do, our fundraising ideas always start with high quality! Go for it and as always avoid over-processed meats.

Some alternatives would be:

  • Ice block day
  • Sell “Exciting” fruits such as Watermelons etc.


You can host a ton of different events, however, keeping it simple keeps the work down. Why not Pajama day with an optional donation?

Sports day and other more complicated days/nights such as productions may be more difficult to organize, but this is an ideal day to include Ice Block, Drink, and Food sales.

Auction nights/days can also be a lot of work, but similarly worthwhile as you can sell food, products, and donated services.


Guess the jellybean count is a classic fundraising idea for schools: simple raffles are also easy.

Instead of doing this with a product, why not ask parents to donate a little? It will certainly boost the experience!

Involve parents

Chances are you have some very talented parents as well as some business owners who are sure to have something they can donate, whether a service or product.

You do not need to do a full Auction night to do this: even just having a donated service advertised a few times in Schools newsletters would work!

Local Businesses

With our tea towels, many schools do very well by receiving donations to include local business logos on their tea towels.

There is no reason why local businesses would not want to advertise in your newsletters. Or donate a prize for your competitions.


There are hard and we do supply and print everything from T-shirts to Hats, Mugs to Pens, and everything in between. However, unlike our Fundraising Tea Towels in which the kids often have a saying, many of these are hard sells.

T-Shirts for example require knowing what sizes to order, these we typically print for School House tees, etc. Bags are one thing we all have dozens of so are hard to sell the same goes for Pens and Mugs.

Water Bottles are something we do for Schools as every child needs one anyway, hats, etc. are generally part of the uniform, and whilst we do brand these for many ECEs are usually part of a School Uniform anyway.

There is no shortage of products we can brand and sell. However, we do not really have much data on how well these have done and as such can’t really suggest what works here. 

Other fundraising ideas – Chocolates are boring

Selling chocolates is done. Yes, they still kind of work, but there are a lot of great alternatives, turning kids into salespersons is a bit naff these days, so finding a popular product you can take preorders via handouts and newsletters might work better.

We can help with a whole range of Eco-Friendly products as well from coffee cups to straws.

However if you have a favorite brand you use like Eco Store just check their sites out, they might have Fundraising ideas and Products and if it is something you use then it might just be something that sells!